About Me


I have decided to run for the 3rd Congressional District seat of former Congressman Walter Jones who tragically passed away recently.

Neither I nor any of my opponents in the Republican primary will be able to fill the enormous void left by the departure of Congressman Jones but I believe that I am well suited to continue his tradition as a conservative Republican that is independent-minded, sticks to principals and has a strong moral value base.

I am not running as the candidate of the Republican establishment though I would welcome their support. I am a political outsider who has in the past worked on numerous political campaigns as a volunteer but has concentrated mostly on business ownership and living life as I can.

I want to be the candidate of the working class because I AM the working class. I graduated cum laud from Elon University in 2000 with a double major in Political Science and Public Administration. I am currently employed as a Library Technician at East Carolina University where I am pursuing a Certificate of Economic Development and hope to eventually obtain a Master's Degree in Public Administration.

I am not running as the candidate claiming moral superiority, the candidate with no jaded past nor the candidate with the most years of public service. I am running as the candidate that most relates to the average person in the district.

I am a pro-life, small government, pro-business, pro-Second Amendment Republican that believes that the best government is the government that governs least.

I ask for your consideration as a message to the Washington Establishment that the working class and middle class in this country DO matter and that the swamp can be drained.