Letter to the Editor opposing Carolina Cares Medicaid Expansion

As my Letter to the Editor appeared on March 27, 2019 in the Carteret New-Times:


In a Feb. 3 editorial, The [Greenville] Daily Reflector endorsed the Carolina Cares bill by Rep. Dr. Greg Murphy as a conservative alternative to Medicaid expansion. The only problem with that is that it is neither an alternative nor conservative. If we want to have a real debate on whether or not Medicaid expansion or its relative Carolina Cares are good policy let’s have that debate, but pretending that Carolina Cares is not just Medicaid expansion without calling it Medicaid expansion is a farce.

There is nothing conservative about yet another government run healthcare system that simply expands the government’s role in our lives, uses taxpayer dollars to fund expansion of insurance and creates a new bureaucracy. Furthermore, the requirements of Carolina Cares are nearly identical to the proposed expansion of Medicaid requirements that would add nearly 500,000 beneficiaries to an already fraud ridden and expensive government program. Civitas Institute has said of Carolina Cares “Medicaid Expansion by Another Name is Still Medicaid Expansion.”

I welcome a frank and open debate on Medicaid expansion, but pretending Carolina Cares is not Medicaid expansion by another name is disingenuous.

Gary Ceres