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Third Term Abortions

Third Term Abortions are never medically necessary. Polls have consistently shown only an extreme minority of perhaps 18% of the public believes they should be legal under any circumstances. I will sponsor legislation to ban third term abortions completely in the United States.

Defund Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger was a virulent racist who despised what she perceived as the lower classes of human beings. Her vision for the elimination of lesser people is continued today by Planned Parenthood which is one of the most radical and evil organizations in our nation. I support completely stripping all funding of Planned Parenthood and support investigations into illegal practices by Planned Parenthood.

Birth Mother Adoption Tax Credit

I have proposed the Birth Mother Adoption Tax Credit to dissuade expectant mothers from aborting their children. I believe that it is my duty as a pro-life person to seek creative solutions that will lead to less abortions and a greater culture of life.

Regulatory Reform

Regulations are the number one job killer in the United States. Regulations cost the United States economy an estimated 1.3 trillion dollars a year. They are a direct assault against private enterprise, individual liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I will seek to identify and eliminate onerous and outdated regulations and to provide increased oversight over the bureaucracy that enforces regulations.

Economic Development

The federal government can aid in economic development by ending harmful mandates on states, companies and individuals. We must reduce the level of government interference in the free market in order to encourage economic growth. In addition, when federal funding is attached to public-private partnerships we must allow localities to maintain the bulk of control over the funding provided with very little strings attached.

Fair Trade Deals

Free trade can be a boon to economic growth in our nation but we must consider the hardships on the working class. I favor free trade deals that are bilateral and in which the United States receives as much benefits as its partners.

Elimination of the Capital Gains Tax

The single biggest impediment to economic stimulation in this country other than regulations is the capital gains tax. I support not lowering the capital gains tax but eliminating it altogether. This would unleash untold trillions of dollars of capital that can be reinvested into the economy and raise the standard of living for the working and middle class.

Doubling the Standard Deduction

The Trump Tax Plan was a start but not a panacea for helping ease the burdens on the working and middle class. I favor doubling the standard deduction again from $12,000 to $24,000. This would significantly reduce or altogether eliminate the tax burden on the working class.

Small Business Tax Reform

I favor elimination of the current small business tax regime and allowing individual small businesses to be taxed at the same levels as large corporations.

Build the Wall

I support the President’s decision to declare a National Emergency on our Southern Border to free up funds for a border wall. I will fight for increased funding of a wall.


We do not reward illegal behavior with citizenship period. Once the border is secured we can discuss the options of work visas, green cards and the like.

Sanctuary Cities

Sanctuary cities should have funding reduced by the federal government. I take this a step further than others in that I believe elected officials that encourage illegal behavior and refuse to comply with federal law should be arrested.

Maintain our Military Edge

We simply must maintain our superpower status in a world that is growing with instability. I support maintaining high levels of weapons procurement funding and research and development. I also believe that the military’s main function is to break things and kill people … not to become a laboratory for social experimentation. Political correctness has no place when it comes to making informed military decisions.

Increase Military Pay

No military person in this nation nor a member of their family should be forced unto food stamps in order to survive. I support a major pay increase for our military personnel and upgraded facilities for the members of the military and their families.


When you serve this nation, the nation owes you. No veteran in this nation should be homeless, have to deal with mental health issues alone nor struggle to obtain the healthcare they need. We must continue to reform the Veteran’s Affairs Administration as President Trump has begun and expand our mental health facilities and PTSD outreach to our veterans.


We must repeal Obamacare immediately. Obamacare has raised premiums, denied people the choice of their own doctors and has utterly failed.

Cross-State Health Insurance

We need to make healthcare more competitive if we want to control costs. One way of doing this is to finally allow people to purchase health insurance across state lines.

Protect Medicare

We have a responsibility to our elderly citizens that have paid into Medicare and were promised Medicare. We must therefore protect Medicare from cuts in funding by ensuring that the government’s role in healthcare does not expand into other realms.