Birth Mother Adoption Tax Credit

Policy Proposal of 3rd District Republican Congressional Candidate Gary Ceres

Birth Mother Adoption Tax Credit Initiative

Abortion is a tragedy that takes the lives of innocent unborn human beings every year. The issue of abortion is admittedly a divisive issue that America has grappled with for decades now. I come down strongly on the side of life and am especially horrified by the growing acceptance of the extreme pro-abortion movement of late-term abortions and outright infanticide.

Yet, I believe that being pro-life means more than simply seeking to ban abortion. We must recognize that abortion is often the result of a woman feeling desperate and having little incentive to carry a baby to term. I believe there is a bipartisan approach that would be acceptable to both Democrats and Republicans that would encourage mothers to carry their children to term and not go through with abortion.

I propose that the adoption tax credit be extended to birth mothers that choose to give their children up for adoption rather than commit the act of abortion. I propose using the tax code to create a $10,000 tax credit for women that voluntarily choose to carry their children to term and give them up for adoption rather than abort them. 

Mothers would be matched up with adoptive families in order to qualify either of their choosing or working in concert with adoption officials. The credit would be extended to the mother following the completion of the adoption.

We must do all we can to encourage adoption and discourage abortion.

Gary Ceres
Candidate – Republican Nomination for 3rd Congressional District

Gary Ceres