Beginning of Life Initiative

Beginning of Life Initiative Policy Proposal by NC 3rd Congressional District Candidate Gary Ceres

Whereas, the National Institute for Health standard for the cessation of human life and the declaration of death is the end of detection of measurable brainwaves; and,

Whereas, the legitimate function of the federal government according to Thomas Jefferson is the protection of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; and,

Whereas, medical science has advanced to the point where brain wave activity can be accurately detected and measured between five and six weeks after conception,

Therefore be it Resolved, that for purposes of federal law, the definition of a human life shall be the detection of measurable brain waves.

Reasoning for this Initiative:

Aside from the obvious abhorrence of the practice of abortion in general and particularly of abortions past 20 weeks, we have to acknowledge that we need to have a legal framework established that will overturn Roe v Wade and also that will lead to these bans being upheld. 

There are many bills out there that have limited abortions to 20 weeks, past fetal heartbeats etc. but I believe that the proposal I've made in my Congressional Campaign may be the strongest yet in terms of withstanding judicial review.

I have proposed that we define human life as beginning at the detection of measurable brain waves for purposes of federal law. That generally occurs at 5 weeks to 6 weeks after implantation of an embryo. While I believe life begins at conception, my intent is to lay the groundwork for a challenge to abortion on demand. 

The selection of brain waves as the determinant is not just arbitrary. The National Institute for Health guidelines on the declaration of death currently consist of the cessation of detectable brain waves as a measure of the end of human life. It only makes legal sense then that a definition of human life beginning at the detection of measurable brain waves should follow. By passing a law that defines life as such, the federal government as well as the states would have a stronger legal argument for passing limits on abortion until such time as we can overturn Roe v Wade.

Gary Ceres

Candidate - 3rd Congressional District of North Carolina

Gary Ceres