Ban on Certificate of Need Laws

Ban on Certificate of Need Laws by NC 3rd Congressional District Candidate Gary Ceres

Certificate of Need Laws, also known as CON laws, were designed to prevent a saturation of medical services in regions with the idea that costs would be driven up. The opposite has proven true and the waiting periods for patients to receive proper care has been increased tremendously.

In addition, CON laws at the state levels stifle innovation from medical equipment companies, prevent expansion of facilities needed in both urban and especially rural areas and limit the care patients can receive. They represent a manipulation of the market economy and have wrought havoc on the ability to provide timely and quality care for patients, causing unnecessary pain and suffering as well as a reliance on potentially addictive opioids to combat long-term pain that could be relieved if patients were able to be seen earlier.

As such, if elected I will sponsor federal legislation that limits the ability of state governments to interfere with the free market and help foster a free market solution to healthcare wait times.

Gary Ceres

Candidate - 3rd Congressional District of North Carolina

Gary Ceres